Tyranny of Dragons

Show-down Beat-down
Greenest's heroes step up to get smacked down

With the final incursion into the Keep thwarted, the heroes earned themselves a brief respite to heal their wounds reassess the state of Greenest. Naturally, Governor Nighthill soon came to them with even more dire news. The mill on the western fringe of town appears to be under attack by the raiders. If the raiders put the mill to the torch the people of Greenest will surely suffer starvation by the end of the coming winter. The heroes sneak out through the tunnel and make their way to the mill without meeting any resistance for once. Upon their arrival they discover that the raiders were actually attempting to bait them into a trap! Some clever illusions from Rowen Evenwood gave them the upper hand and the raiders did not last long. Suspecting a trap, Boink Goldswaith took the lead and with some truly inspirational sneakiness rode the waterwheel up to the second floor and bypassed the well laid trap of the cultists. The rest of the group followed suite and soon the whole party was outside a second story window poised to lay ruin to the cultists in their own trap.


Sadly, Ossendar Osterius was not prepared for the rusty window hinge trap! He critically failed his attempt to open the window without drawing any attention.


A ruckus ensued. With a few well placed kung fu kicks one cultists quickly found himself airborn and headed down to the first floor using the gravity express. The rest of the cultists could not stand before the heroes and were quickly laid low, but not before Cain Sundersword was felled by a well timed blade. No matter, that’s what healing potions are for right? With the mill secure, the heroes were soon relieved by a small group of guards from the keep and could return to Nighthill for their just reward.

With their ambush thwarted, its seems as though the leaders of the Cult and their raider army had had just about enough of Greenest. When the heroes arrived back at the Keep they found the entire army had assembled, dragon and all, outside the keep’s main gate. Out from the darkness strode the terrifying blue-scaled monstrosity, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. The dragonborn called out the heroes of Greenest to a test of single combat, with the prize being the release of one of their hostages. With the whole army watching, Chef Boyarde stepped up to the challenge. Governor Nighthill rewarded his bravery by gifting him with Peacekeeper, a magical longsword kept by the Governors of Greenest since the town’s founding. Chef stepped out into the combat circle and was immediately crushed by the terrible strength of Cyanwrath. With two swift cuts the stout fighter was bested and knocked out cold. Unimpressed, Cyanwrath took Peacekeeper as his spoil, and said “Come back when you’ve grown a little, whelp, and maybe then you’ll present more of a challenge.” True to his word, he released his hostages before striding off into the darkness, leading the Cult and all their forces from the bereft and smoldering ruin of Greenest.

In the warm sun of a new day the leaders of Greenest decided that they would not loose hope. Governor Nighthill commissioned the Heroes to follow the raiders back to their base to try and determine what their next move was before they could leave the area. Refreshed with a night of rest, the heroes set out. It wasn’t long before they encountered a group of stragglers along the easy to find wagon trail. These fools had no chance and were quickly slaughtered. Now the heroes of Greenest stand ready to continue on the trail south onto the rocky plains where certain danger awaits.

Greenest needs Heroes!
A night of terror in Greenest

The Heroes arrived to Greenest at dusk and found the once-peaceful community under siege. An adult Blue Dragon and a small army of cultists, kobolds and men-at-arms were plundering the village and killing anyone who got in their way. The town guard, used to dealing with bandits and highwaymen, was quickly routed but was able to get many of the villagers to the relative safety of the town Keep. Unwilling to let the people suffer, the Heroes leaped into the fray and dove headlong into the chaotic streets of Greenest.

Immediately upon entering the city, the Heroes came upon Lin, a human commoner fleeing from an alleyway with her family from a pack of hungry kobolds hot on their heels. The kobolds, not expecting to meet any resistance in the streets were completely unprepared for the wrath of the Heroes and quickly fell. Lin was at first unsure of their intentions given they had a monsterous Dragonborn in their midst, but was soon allayed by the charms of Chef Boyarde, the lovable folk hero chili artist of renown. Lin begged the heroes to help them reach the keep lest some other fiend do them in the heroes naturally oblige.

On their way through the backstreets of Greenest the Heroes also came upon a small group of cultists about to set fire to the local orphanage. Bad idea. They were utterly smashed before they could even light their torches, several of them were even reduced to shadows on the ground by the fiery wrath of the Chef.

The last group of cultists that stood between the Heroes (now with a large group of villagers/children in tow) was duped by the wiles of the crafty wood elf monk, Mike King. When asked who they were and where they were leading their prisoners by a cult ‘Dragonclaw’, the Heroes got the jump on the cultists and broke them utterly. The heroes and the villagers arrived to the Keep portcullis just as it was falling shut, allowing them just enough time to enter before a large group of cultists descended on the keep.

When the Heroes arrived at the Keep the guards were at first alarmed by the Dragonborn fighter that casually strolled through their gate. However, a charming joke (CRIT!) from Chef immediately put the guards at ease and the keep Castellan, Escobert the Red soon followed suite when he heard the tales of the adventures told. Not one to squander a band of heroes when it falls into his lap, Escobert sent the Heroes to see Governor Nighthill so that they could be put to work where it was most needed defending the village.

Nighthill wasted no time putting the Heroes to the test as the Blue Dragon decided that cooking the inhabitants inside the keep with bursts of lightning was the best way to pre-heat his evening meal. The Heroes took to the roof and managed to drive off the dragon before it could do irreparable damage to the fortifications or kill all the city guard.


With the roof clear, Nighthill and Escobert were able to get a good look at the village and organize a rescue mission to the nearby Temple of Chauntea. Nighthill also asked that they try and capture a cultist or lieutenant and return him to the keep so that they could interrogate him and learn more about the cult, their strength and their motives.

After a rather messy and smelly trip through the secret tunnel out of the keep to the riverbank, the Heroes emerged and narrowly dodged a nearby patrol. They then crept to the nearby hill and successfully duped the forces assembled at the door to the temple into think they were reinforcements. The ruse was going smoothly until one cultist, a dragonclaw by his black clothes and mask, delivered the greeting “Hail Tiamat in all her Glory!” (holding his right hand up and wiggling his fingers to signify the five headed evil goddess of chromatic dragons). This did not sit well with the Chef and pushed him into inconsolable rage, striking the dragonclaw down. Luckily for the Heroes they were able to dispatch the rest of the cultists before a nearby mob was able to discover them. The Heroes persuaded the villagers inside the Temple to allow them in and quickly devised a plan to get everyone out alive. The Heroes opened the back door, but were greeting by a storm of sling missiles from the hungry Kobolds that brought both Chef and Content Not Found: ander-flameborn-1_ to their knees. A few well placed spells and crossbow bolts from Boink Goldswaith and Rowen Evenwood with some insane judo chops from _Content Not Found: mike-king cleared the field though and the Heroes were able to escape the Temple before the cultist mob could break through the front door.

With their unconscious dragonclaw in tow, the heroes returned to the keep through the secret tunnel and found that the cult has become impatient and decided to break through the sally gate and attempt to overthrow the defenders. Escobert and his guard were hard at work in the courtyard, locked in deadly combat with a drake and several cult soldiers when the Heroes arrived. Things got very quiet very quickly as Boink Goldswaith muttered an incantation that he had recited in many a barmaids bedroom and near all the attackers fell suddenly to sleep! With Escobert’s aid, the Heroes routed the remaining cultists and drove back another wave before the village enchanter could Mend the door back into working order.

With the Keep secured and the last of the villagers made safe the Heroes sat down down to take stock of their supplies and mend their wounds. The night was yet young though and who knows what the mysterious cultists could have in store.

Smoke in the Distance
Five Companions Travel the Road to Greenest

Why are these five companions traveling the road to Greenest this afternoon? Where do they come from and what do they seek? As they approach their destination they are alarmed to see far in the distance black smoke and a great blue winged beast circling Greenest. The Town is under attack by a Blue Dragon! Now is the the time for heroes!



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