Ontharr Frume

Leader of the Order of the Gauntlet


Ontharr is the leader of the Order of the Gauntlet, a faction comprising mostly of brave-hearted clerics, paladins and the occasional fighter. The Gauntlet’s philosophy is that evil must be fought in the open on the battlefield and where-ever it is found. Subtle plays and cloak-and-dagger politics are not how the Order of the Gauntlet gets things done. Ontharr leads the Gauntlet with a steady hand from it’s base in Elterel and has gone to great lengths to maintain productive relationships with the leaders of the the Sword Coasts other goodly faction, the Harpers.

Ontharr has recently commissioned the Spices to follow a massive shipment of stolen treasure by sea to it’s destination in Neverwinter.


Ontharr Frume

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