Cain Sundersword

Ginger Juggernaut of Righteous Fury


Cain has struggled with inner rage in his adventuring. His preference for a sword and shield has been replaced with the sheer damage of a greatsword, though he carries both. The conflict of his inner anger towards his father and the wicked and his innate compassion sometimes leads him to make rash decisions but his resolve to be a force of good in the world is unquestionable. He will work with any like-minded individuals to accomplish this goal and enjoys the camaraderie of a company of warriors, but will not tolerate wickedness among his ranks. Cain prefers to take on the evils of the world head on and let his sword do the negotiating with his enemies.


Cain grew up the son of a prosperous merchant in the frigid city of Luskan. He was a powerful lad and was drawn to the life of a soldier, eager to protect the weak from the wicked. He found that he also had a knack for smithing and enjoyed his craft. Be it a suit of armor for his compatriots or a simple toy for one the children who would occasionally watch him work. The chaplain of his battalion (a portly cleric of Lathander) took him under his wing and Cain was inspired to take up the life of a Paladin, his shield the symbol of his protection of the weak. As time passed the life of a soldier became far too regimented for Cain, and he dreamed of rooting out evil where ever he could find it. The regulations of the Luskan Army and the walls of his barracks grew tiresome and held him back from what he felt was his true purpose in life. After being granted his release from his unit, Cain began wandering the winding roads of the land, offering protection to all he came across, healing those he could, and righting wrongs. This continued for a year until and urgent summons brought him home to his father.

When he returned home, Cain found it ransacked and in ruins. Buried in the rubble, Cains father lay dying, his sword shattered beside him. With his dying breath the old man confessed that he had long been running weapons and supplies for a mysterious and sinister Half-Dragon from the south named Rezmir. Rezmir betrayed his father and hired a rival smuggling operation with connections to piracy to take over. As proof of his reliability, the pirate had been ordered to cut out the only person with knowledge of the operation…Cains father! After relating his tale, the old man passed away.

Cain was shocked by the revelation and his idealistic view of his father was gone. His faith in Lathander shaken, Cain spent weeks meditating in the city’s temple before finally falling into a fevered sleep. In his sleep Lethander bestowed on him a vision, showing him the war and bloodshed to come from the weapons his father had supplied to Rezmir. Lathander ordered Cain to take up his sword and travel south to continue his quest of protecting those in need. He took the hilt of his fathers sword to remind him of the shame that had been brought on his family and strapped it to his shield, henceforth taking up the name Sundersword. Cain vowed that when he had made right the wrongs of his morally weak patriarch, he would remake the sword anew as a symbol of his redemption. Leaving Luskan and vowing never to return, the Sundersword left a bloody path of vengeance upon Trade Road bandits as he traveled straight south to the warmer land his father had delivered to.

Cain Sundersword

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