Tyranny of Dragons

The Fury of the Elements

The Spices Search for the Keys to Kugag's Tomb

Gazing up at the wonders of the aquatic world above them the Spices were in awe of the Tomb of Kugag. Many incredible creatures of the deep could be seen swimming by, including a whale of incredible size. Truly, the dwarves must have held this storm giant in high esteem to build him such a place to eternally rest. The story of Kugag and the dwarves played out in relief carvings along the walls of the room. A terrible war was waged by giants of all kinds against the people of Faerun in ancient times. Kugag is portrayed as the bringer of hope and salvation, though it is not apparent how or why a storm giant would betray his people. A massive door loomed before them at one end of the perfectly circular room and four doorways led off into the gloom. Braziers adjacent each doorway swirled with the elements; fire, wind, water and earth. The massive door had four empty sockets and their task appeared clear. Find the keys to the sockets to breach Kugag’s tomb and claim his treasure.

First they delved into a room of bitter cold. They found a frozen pool that contained a glowing blue orb in it’s depths. Ornery ice mephits greeted them and tried to thwart their attempts to access the ice covered pool. Upon touching the pool’s frozen surface, a Water Weird burst forth and lashed out at the heroes. The fearless monk, Ossendar Osterius dived into the form of the water weird and managed to pass through it into the depths of the pool. Ossendar swam to the orb on it’s pedestal without succumbing to the icy waters and escaped the fluid tendrils of the water weird as well. But the magical power of the key flash froze the water of the pool again, sealing the monk and Cain Sundersword in ice. With immense strength Cain cracked the restraining ice and escaped the Water Weird before the guardian could drown him. Passing over the threshold seemed to dispel the guardian and they walked away chilled, but resolute.




The heroes next tackled searing heat of the room of flames. Intolerable blasts of heat leaped forth randomly from fissures in the floor and magma mephits shrieked and clawed at the intruding heroes. So long had the heat brewed in the depths of the tomb that they had attracted fire snakes from the plane of elemental flame to them, and they fiercely defended their home. This time it was the bold Jarrus Stormrider who nimbly ducked in and out of the flames, managing to traverse much of the gauntlet without meeting harm. His luck ran out though as several of the snakes and mephits converged on him. The searing heat from their flesh nearly bucked the brave ranger but he was rescued by the healing words of Rowen Evenwood. Eventually Ossendar again was able to retrieve the key from it’s resting place. Without the key the searing flames were subdued and the Spices were able to squelch their flaming garments and left the room victorious.



After a brief rest to mend their wounds, the heroes decided to tackle the room of howling winds. In this room they found a series of pillars scattered about a windy room with a tall monolith at it’s center. At the top of the monolith they presumed their next key awaited them. Seeing an opportunity to break the shit of out the DM’s – er- I mean cleverly ascend the monolith, Ossendar tied a thin piece of rope to an arrow and Rowan shot it over the top, trying to secure a climbing rope somehow. The trick worked, but as soon as Ossendar grabbed the rope to start climbing he was hoisted up into the clutches of a very angry Air Elemental. The otherworldly strength of the creature was not enough to squash the pesky monk though, and he nimbly ducked much of it’s assault. The monk managed to grab the key from it’s nearby resting place and base-jumped off the monolith. Never had the skills of a monk been more utilized than this day. Focusing his Ki, the portly bearded bastard fell harmlessly to the earth. HERO KNEE SLAM! The air elemental swept down among the Spices like a hurricane and battered Jarrus and Cain, tossing the pair like ragdolls while searching for it’s lost Key. Eventually the magical spells and arrows of Rowan and Jamna Gleamsilver sent the windy creature back to it’s plane. On to the earth key room!


This dark earthen cavern seemed to be an intricate set of natural tunnels and at first the key alluded them. Suddenly, the wall behind Ossendar came alive as a massive boulder fist crashed down on the monk. An earth elemental of incredible strength and durability and it’s mud mephit allies smashed into the party from all sides. The elemental passed through the caverns walls like a great fish through water. Again and again the fists smashed into the ranger, paladin and monk, but it was the cunning words of the Bard that brought them relief. A spell whispered from the lips of the beautiful Aasimar caused the elemental to launch into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. The peals of laughter sounded like a landslide and rumbled through the cavern, causing dust to fall from the ceiling. By the time the creature composed itself and shook off the powerful spell, the blows of the Spices had nearly whittled it down to mere pebbles. As the last boulder cracked asunder a glowing orb of elemental energy popped out. The final key to the tomb of Kugag the Betrayer was theirs.




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