Tyranny of Dragons

Kugag Laid Low

Kugag's Story revealed and back on the High Seas

The Heroes bravely entered the silent tomb of Kugag with frayed nerves. What elemental beasts awaited them in the shadows? Before them on a raised dais in the room’s center a massive sarcophagus sat, while at the rooms far end a life sized statue of a mighty Storm Giant, presumably Kugag himself stood as a silent sentinel. Leaping boldly up onto the sarcophagus, Ossendar Osterius stirred the spirit of the dead giant and Kugag’s ethereal essence possessed the nearby statue.

“Who are you who beg doom and plunder my tomb?” asked the statue.

The heroes felt kinda like dicks but introduced themselves in turn. At Kugag’s request they told of their quest to thwart the plot of the Cult of the Dragon to amass a horde and somehow free the Queen of Evil Dragons, Tiamat, from her prison in the Nine Hells. Kugag then told them his own tragic story.

When defeated by the metallic dragons in ancient times long forgotten, his kind was abandoned by their cruel god, Amman. In a bid to win back Amman’s favor, a Cloud Giant King named Gratogalkus rallied all giants and began subjugating and enslaving the smaller races of the world. In protest and pity, Kugag crafted the Hammer of Ages and gifted it to the dwarf king Adrozag. Led by Adrozag and the Hammer of Ages, the dwarves cast down the giant overlords and shattered their armies.


“So terrible a weapon I made, so many slain seeking the favor of our lost god Amman. My pity on the smaller races and rejection of the brutality of my kind brought ruin to us all. Will we ever rise again? Should we? You are here to seek the Hands of Strength no doubt. You may not have them! I will not bring more suffering to my people however misguided they may be. Now (sigh)…you must die.”


The possessed Kugag statue waded into battle with the Heroes. Crashing lightning fists and powerful lightning bolts coursed through Cain Sundersword and the heroes were hard pressed by the giant’s onslaught. But it seemed time had worn away at the Giant’s fighing prowess, or his statue wasn’t made of stern enough stuff. Soon the mighty statue was cast down, and Kugag’s spirit disappeared. Left behind, the hands of the statue looked strikingly similar to those depicted in the murals as being used by Adrozag while wielding the great Hammer of Ages. Donning the gloves gave Cain the feeling of incredible strength! Enough to move mountains perhaps? As Ossendar and Rowen Evenwood collected the beautiful gems from the sides of sarcophagus curiosity nearly broke the Paladin’s resolve. The greedy monk begged him to use his new strength to open the sarcophagus of Kugag and search for the Hammer of Ages.

“Nay, good friend.” said Cain to Ossendar. “Kugag was a hero in his time and I will not disturb his slumber any more.” Epic. As. Fuck.

Silent up to now, Jamna Gleamsilver took this moment to remind them all that the only reason they were there was to escort her as she collected the sweet loot from this place. She wasn’t going to be unreasonable though as she didn’t favor her chances against the might heroes. She offered to forget she ever saw the gloves in exchange for their pay and the newfound gems. The heroes obliged and upon exiting the sundered tomb Jamna bid them a unceremonious farewell. The heroes returned with a day and a night to kill in Mintarn and celebrated their victories with vigor.

Back on the Sea of Swords with their Captain Barnabus Foamrider and Sal’Rtha Keelwright at the helm! A week went by the treacherous waters as The Crying Daughter dodged pirates and fought off both Sehuagin and Harpy raiders. With another fortnight at sea before they were expected to arrive in Waterdeep, who knows what adventures might lay before them?



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