Welcome to The Tyranny of Dragons Campaign! The Heroes of the Sword Coast battle a mysterious and nefarious cult as they seek to unravel their plots to plunder the good people of the Sword Coast and bring their dark Goddess into the Realm.

Overall Player Expectations

In brief, I expect players to come with their game face on and ready for some great role playing fantasy adventures. Please be equipped with a working knowledge of the basic rules of combat and skill usage. There are many similarities between 4e and Next, but there are also a lot of important differences. The less time we spend teaching ourselves the rules to the game the more time we will have to slay dragons and collect epic loots. I don’t expect everyone to be rule masters or go out and buy the PHB, but there are free rule guides online that are available.

A Word on Alignments

All players are lawful, chaotic or neutral good in alignment. Alignments do not dictate character behavior but they do outline their psychology (i.e. good people can do bad things and vice versa). How a player justifies their characters out of alignment actions and deals with the consequences is up to them, but they will be expected to reconcile them in some way within the game. For example: a neutral good Vengeance paladin leaves an injured damsel to die in order to pursue his sworn enemy. Afterward he is plagued by nightmares and eventually goes out of his way to find the damsel’s next of kin and deliver the bad news, possibly even offering them his services is some way in recompense. Also, if your characters act in direct contrast to their bonds, ideals or flaws they will be inflicted with the Distracted condition: disadvantage applied at my discretion!

Get Inspired!

The clever use of skills or a particularly epic moment of role playing by a player will earn them Inspiration (anytime non-exchangeable advantage roll). I will only give one of these out at a time (so don’t hoard them!) but I would love to do so for each player at least once a session.

Are you Skilled?

Please put some thought into the use of skills during the game. For example: A deep chasm is before you. Rolling athletics to climb down or hold the rope for someone rappelling down, acrobatics to walk across a tightrope to the other side, perception to look for an alternate or easiest route or nature to determine if there is another way around are all viable options. Mindlessly rolling arcana, insight, persuasion etc are not and waste both your brainpower and everyone else’s time. The same applies to social interactions where athletics/endurance/acrobatics are equally worthless. That being said, if you make a compelling case for the unorthodox use of a skill I will always allow its application…within reason. Outside the box thinking is gravy in D&D and I intend to reward it whenever I can. If you feel you have absolutely nothing to contribute to the task at hand, pour over your items and/or spells to see if there’s something helpful hiding in there you may have missed. There might just be some way to add advantage to either your roll or your companions that you just need some creativity to find.

Out of Character Play

Please try and stay ‘in game’ while we are playing. Metagaming (treating the game like it’s a game) is strongly discouraged. No Deadpools! Pulling back the veil and thinking of your characters as immortal will detract from everyone’s fun. Role-playing your characters traits, bonds, ideals and flaws during play (and reminding me that you’re doing it) will likely earn you inspiration!

Heroic Fantasy

Remember that D&D is a game of heroic fantasy and is team based. Giving each other resources to meet goals and helping each other craft awesome things are a big part of how I’d like this game to run. In the Tyranny of Dragons campaign there is an assumed amount of altruism on the part of the characters so please, I beg you, do not become agents of doom in Faerun because you had a shitty week at work.

Tyranny of Dragons

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